PCE, Inc. includes Apex Plastics, Lincoln Plastics and HTI Plastics, and has extrusion blow molding, custom profile extrusion and injection molding capabilities along with design, engineering, project management and secondary operations.  These manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 registered, FDA approved and ISO 13485 certified.

In 1993 PCE, Inc was founded by Sam Featherston and a group of outside investors.  Sam, PCE Inc’s CEO, is active in the day to day operations of the business.  PCE, Inc. previously consisted of two divisions; the Plastics Division and the Geist Global Division, which serviced a variety of areas in the data center industry.  In 2018, PCE Inc. sold the Geist Global Division, and is now focused solely on the Plastics Division.


Build Our Company

Develop and/or acquire new companies, products and/or services that build on or complement existing products and the industries we serve.

Seek Cutting-Edge Technology

Develop, acquire or utilize the latest technologies to ensure our ability to compete in and lead in the industries we serve.

Support Our Employees

Develop and cross train our employees at all levels to ensure each individual is able to maximize their capabilities. We believe that each division should invest in equipment, tooling, computers, automation, education and facilities that enable each individual to maximize their efforts.